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SFA Slimline: our new line of sustainable packaging

SFA introduces two completely new packaging lines, naturally made of mono-material and therefore 100% recyclable and sustainable.

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Yoghurt Packaging

Ground-breaking packaging for the dairy industry

SFA Packaging has spent the past two years working hard on a new range of future-proof and light-weight dairy packaging in and outside of the Netherlands.

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Grozette Strooibus

New lid for Grozette cheese sprinkles

With this improved lid, consumers will experience more ease of use and be able to sprinkle the powdered cheese better over the various dishes.

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JOZO samenwerking

A renewed, sustainable shaker for JOZO

This new packaging has been created in close collaboration with SFA Packaging, where the assignment was to develop future-proof sustainable packaging without compromising the appearance of the product.

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Grozette strooikaas

New sprinkle container for Grozette powdered cheese

Grozette and SFA Packaging have successfully joined forces in the past period for the development of a new spreader packaging for spreading cheese.

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Tailor-made packaging for Koppert Cress

Tailor-made packaging for Koppert Cress

After years of using thermoform packaging, Koppert Cress, a specialist grower from the Westland region, has joined forces with SFA Packaging from Middelharnis (NL) to switch to a new, unique custom injection mould packaging.

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