Plastic packaging material

Plastic packaging material
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Plastic packaging material

When it comes to packaging, the choice of many manufacturers is in favour of plastic packaging material. Not only is it cheap, but it also does an excellent job of protecting products from external influences such as the effects of light, moisture and deterioration caused by transport or storage. Moreover, it is versatile in design and you can therefore seamlessly connect your plastic containers to your corporate identity. 

 At SFA we go a step further. For our packaging, we use only homogeneous plastic packaging material that is 100% recyclable. With that, you largely meet the requirements for the application of a reduced tax rate and you enjoy considerable discounts on the waste management contribution. View Europe’s largest range of injection-moulded packaging and discover your ‘packaging that sells’ too. 

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Sustainable & recyclable 

Sustainable & recyclable 

Plastic packaging materialif recyclable, is often more environmentally
friendly than people thinkCompared to glass, cardboard boxes or cans,
it even leaves a smaller ecological footprint.
And it can be even betterWith our Slimline packagingfor example, we reduce the use of plastic to a minimum: up to 25% of plastic is saved per product. In additionit is recyclablelightweight, heat-resistant and suitable for printing with in mould labelling (IML).

Customised plastic packaging 

In our wide range of injection-moulded packaging,
you will almost always find a suitable container for your productwhether it is a small bowl or a large bucket. In the unlikely event
that this does not work out, then we will be happy to take the route of creating a customised design. We provide tailor-made packaging that meets all your technical requirements, is user-friendlyand that also stands out better on the shelf.


Curious about the possibilities of plastic packaging material for your company? Be inspired by the range of products available online, or contact us without obligation. We would like to help you find containers that are better for the environment… and for your turnover. 

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“The combination of extensive experience in the food packaging industry and expertise in the field of tailor-made packaging made us choose SFA Packaging. In this project, SFA has proven to be a valuable partner that thinks along proactively and strives for maximum quality and service.”

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Koppert Cress

“SFA really thinks with you and goes a step further than what I am used to, thus playing a distinctive role. I have experienced this as very pleasant.”

Also for smaller quantities

Widest range of injection moulded packaging in Europe

100% recyclable plastic

Good to know...

The possibilities at a glance

We can go on and on about everything we can do with our packaging, but perhaps you first want an overview of the possibilities:

  • Packaging contents from 25 millilitres to 62 litres
  • Ascending volume capacities for each packaging size
  • Tamper-evident seal/closure
  • Sealable underneath special seal lid
  • Suitable for microwave, freezer and dishwasher
  • Waterproof packaging available
  • High-quality printing with unlimited screen gradient
  • Label printing with food-approved ink
  • Free conditioned storage of labels
  • Labels optimally positioned
  • Affordable preparation costs
  • Combination printing possible
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