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Driven by innovation and

Innovation and collaboration are our driving forces. Continuous innovation enables us to improve our customers’ packaging. This, combined with close cooperation results in the creation of the most fabulous products. We believe that cooperation is the only — and the most enjoyable — way to achieve the best results.

100% sustainable

Plastic packaging has a major impact on our living environment. As a player in the plastics sector, we are fully aware of this fact. This is why we only produce packaging that is 100% recyclable. And we keep the amount of material used to a minimum. Isn’t this obvious, you might ask? For us, it is! And we are continuously working to make our packaging more sustainable.

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Do you need new packaging? SFA Packaging develops packaging that is perfectly matched to its use. Packaging that stands out. And that is incorporated seamlessly into the production process.

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Patrick Smit


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