Packaging design

Packaging design
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Packaging design

Nowadays, standing out on the shelf can no longer be achieved only by  graphic design that is different from that of your competitor. The ability to stand out lies in the design of the packaging itself: the packaging design. Because only with a creative, clever, and user-friendly packaging that also touches on the core values of your product or company will you really attract attention. That’s how you make the difference.

At SFA, we like to create customised packaging design that best showcases your product. With our innovative packaging and creative designs, we ensure recognition and increase the chances of your product being chosen. Just a little bit different from what you are used to, but therefore striking and unique. And, of course, entirely based on your wishes. We will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

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Why new packaging design

Why new packaging design?

Having your own packaging designed not only makes you stand out on the shelf. By including customers’ experiences in the design, you can be sure that your new packaging will meet all their requirements. Moreover, new technologies make it possible to produce packaging more cheaply, with less plastic, and in a more sustainable way. So it’s high time to take a close look at your old packaging!

Working method

After a shelf analysis and an inventory of your needs and those of potential customers, award-winning designers get to work on a creative packaging design. Our technical department then looks at the feasibility and you can give us your feedback on a prototype we create for you in the form of a tangible 3D model. That’s a nice touch. When everything is to your liking, the production process is started, with quality being closely monitored.

Discover the possibilities

Would you also like to increase the chance of being noticed through new and eye-catching packaging? Be inspired by our standard models or contact us and discover the endless possibilities and advantages of custom-made packaging design for your products.

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This is what our customers say about us

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“The combination of extensive experience in the food packaging industry and expertise in the field of tailor-made packaging made us choose SFA Packaging. In this project, SFA has proven to be a valuable partner that thinks along proactively and strives for maximum quality and service.”

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Koppert Cress

“SFA really thinks with you and goes a step further than what I am used to, thus playing a distinctive role. I have experienced this as very pleasant.”

Also for smaller quantities

Widest range of injection moulded packaging in Europe

100% recyclable plastic

Good to know...

The possibilities at a glance

We can go on and on about everything we can do with our packaging, but perhaps you first want an overview of the possibilities:

  • Packaging contents from 25 millilitres to 62 litres
  • Ascending volume capacities for each packaging size
  • Tamper-evident seal/closure
  • Sealable underneath special seal lid
  • Suitable for microwave, freezer and dishwasher
  • Waterproof packaging available
  • High-quality printing with unlimited screen gradient
  • Label printing with food-approved ink
  • Free conditioned storage of labels
  • Labels optimally positioned
  • Affordable preparation costs
  • Combination printing possible
The possibilities at a glance