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If you have a new product or brand that needs packaging, or if you simply need to renew the existing packaging, we will design the ideal packaging and make sure it can be produced. We fully customise the design to your needs and take everything into account: from design to technology and usability.

Customisation possibilities

Customised solution from SFA Packaging are completely tailored to your product. We can confidently say that we can offer everything. Here is a summary of the possibilities:

  • Packaging capacity from 25 millilitres to 62 litres
  • Ascending content sizes per packaging shape
  • Temper Evident sealing/closing seal
  • Sealable under special seal cover
  • Available in waterproof version
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Icoon gebruiksvriendelijkheid


Icoon gebruiksvriendelijkheid


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High-quality printing

At SFA Packaging, we work with In Mould Labelling for the printing of the packaging. This means we incorporate the printing into the plastic. This not only gives the packaging a high-quality look, but also ensures that the printing is always in the right place and protected. The labels are perfectly positioned and the ink is ‘food approved’. The printing possibilities are endless. This also includes combination printing, for example. Please contact us for further details.

The customisation process

As soon as we have a clear picture of what you are looking for and have assessed the requirements for the packaging, we can start with the design phase. We look at the manufacture of the design, creating a prototype and the moulds. Then we move to the feasibility phase. We determine whether the shape that has been developed is technically feasible within the injection moulding process and carefully consider the technical aspects. Then the real work starts: the production phase. We stay closely involved in the production process, and ensure that the packaging is seamlessly incorporated into the production line.

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Over the years, we have designed and produced a lot of packaging for a variety of companies. Each year we produce millions of packaging. Here are some of our references.