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A few years ago, Grozette and SFA Packaging successfully joined forces to develop a new sprinkler can for Grozette’s cheese sprinkles. Following the launch, this collaboration has proved to be a significant contribution to the development of this product.

Both Grozette and SFA Packaging are both continuously looking at innovation and ways to optimise their packaging. They also had a desire to make the powdered cheese even easier to sprinkle, with an adjustment to the current lid proposed as a solution by SFA Packaging.

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Clear principles

For Grozette, a number of things were at the forefront of this new development. As a key condition, the adjustment to the packaging should not adversely affect the 100% recyclability of the product. It had to consist of a single type of materialto ensure the sustainable nature of the packaging. In addition, the adjustment should not affect the production line, and the boxes used to get the product on the supermarket shelves intact. The tamper-evident function, which allows the consumer to see at a glance that the product has not yet been opened at the time of purchase, also had to remain unchanged. In short, a tough challenge for a big improvement!

The improved design

Based on the aforementioned principles, SFA Packaging has optimised the existing lid to meet all the applicable requirements. The current dosing cap, which consists of an ingenious two-valve system, allows the consumer to match the desired amount of cheese to the dish in two ways. On the one hand through an opening consisting of 5 sprinkling holes, and on the other hand through a single large opening. The latter has remained unchanged, but the opening with 5 small holes has been changed to an opening with 3 larger holes.

The power of experience and expertise

Since 1963, Grozette B.V. has been producing an assortment of sprinklable cheese products for the food, food service and retail sectors. SFA Packaging has over 20 years of experience in the packaging industry, with a clear focus on injection moulded packaging for the food industry. In addition to a wide range of standard packaging, SFA has extensive expertise in developing tailor-made concepts.

Grozette verbeterde deksel

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