New line in pioneering dairy packaging

Nieuwe lijn baanbrekende zuivelverpakkingen
SFA verpakkingen

This year, SFA Packaging launched a new line in sustainable, lightweight dairy packaging. This yoghurt packaging is available in 1,000 ml and 1,100 ml, is up to 35% lighter than the benchmarks, and is 100% recyclable. It is a pioneering step in further reducing the impact packaging has on the environment.

Sustainability as a starting point

An important starting point in the development of this new packaging was sustainability. In partnership with a number of customers, a considerable amount of hard work went in to achieving this. Thanks to the fact that this packaging is 100% mono-material, it can be reused in its entirety. The packaging is also designed to be lighter and take up less space during transport. This new packaging has been developed to be future-proof in all respects.

Innovative design

The design is also innovative. Thanks to the slimmer edge, the space for design elements has been increased using IML (In Mould Label*). The packaging can be supplied both with and without a handle, allowing for flexible use. The new packaging is currently being used successfully by three major players in the dairy industry.

Sustainable alternative

By using the latest technology, SFA Packaging is always looking for the most sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging solutions. This new line once again enables the company to demonstrate its credentials as a frontrunner in the packaging industry when it comes to sustainability.


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